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Bars in Downtown Ocean City

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Here’s a cool little fact: Constructed in 1900, the boardwalk wasn’t always open year-round! The boards would be taken up in the winter and stored for next spring.... Continue Reading

Skydiving in Ocean City

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Are you thinking of skydiving in Ocean City but still aren’t sure? Rid yourself of fears and prepare to feel one of the biggest adrenaline rushes of your life! Skydiving is the favorite experience for many who have tried the extreme sport, and unless you try if for yourself, no words will ever do it justice.... Continue Reading

Fun Facts About Funnel Cake History

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Walking down the Ocean City boardwalk, you’re bound to come across the sweet aroma of funnel cakes drawing you in, you spot employees pouring the batter into frying oil through a funnel. Watch as the batter transforms into thin cake swirls, crispy on the outside and doughy on the inside.... Continue Reading

The History of Ocean Bowl Skate Park

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Now that the Dew Tour approaches us, let’s take a look back at the history of Ocean City’s famous Ocean Bowl Skate Park! Did you know the Ocean Bowl Skatepark located on 3rd street and St. Louis Ave. is the oldest municipal park in the country?!... Continue Reading

Famous Sand Sculptures in Ocean City Maryland

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Meet Randy Hoffman. The artist responsible for the biblical sand sculptures we get to admire walking down the boardwalk.... Continue Reading

Bike Riding on The Boardwalk

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Bike Riding in Ocean City, MD has been a favorite past time activity for decades. Every year thousands of visitors bring their own or rent from a local shop to go bike riding on the boardwalk.... Continue Reading

Top Places In OCMD

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When staying at the Carousel Hotel, visit these bars and restaurants located nearby.... Continue Reading

How Did Salt Water Taffy Get Its Name?

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Believe it or not, some people think Salt Water Taffy is really made from a process using sea water, hence the name “Salt Water Taffy”. The grain of truth is that it does take water and salt to make the taffy, but no seawater is used in the process. Thankfully!... Continue Reading

Ocean City History

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Ocean City was established as a resort in 1875 and for years the Boardwalk has been walked on and enjoyed by many. If you’ve ever visited, you probably have wondered what the Boardwalk of Ocean City, MD used to look like...... Continue Reading

The Boardwalk OCMD

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Aah, the Boardwalk… So many memories have been created on Ocean City’s Boardwalk. One of the best parts of visiting Ocean City is taking a stroll with family and friends and checking out all the unique shops, the rides and arcades, and of course indulging in yummy beach foods...... Continue Reading